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kids – Look: No, Really. Look.

The Snarling, Sarcastic, Turn Myself Into A Crabby Dowager Project

Are you scared? I am. A little. This is Silly Scott, from Portsmouth, UK, who is willing, nay, eager (although I can’t tell who looks more timid, Scott or his lupine captive), to perform magic or other themed … things… at YOUR next event. With kids. Yikes. Scott, you’re a trooper. Are you HAPPY,

How Not to Make Deadline.

Ah… So Tiddly Winks actually exist. NOT just a cliché. SEE! Take THAT, all you editors, who struck them out of my writing with your non-repro blue china markers… there IS such a thing after all. I wonder if they’re fun? Because now I really, really want a set. Okay. Ebay, next up, right