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self-esteem – Look: No, Really. Look.

The Snarling, Sarcastic, Turn Myself Into A Crabby Dowager Project

Are you scared? I am. A little. This is Silly Scott, from Portsmouth, UK, who is willing, nay, eager (although I can’t tell who looks more timid, Scott or his lupine captive), to perform magic or other themed … things… at YOUR next event. With kids. Yikes. Scott, you’re a trooper. Are you HAPPY,

Just in time for bathing suit season

Anytime you’re feeling just the tad bit sensitive about how YOU look naked, go back to your bookmarks and FIND THIS PAGE. Think of the confidence THIS MAN HAS. BE INSPIRED. Yes. He has WAY more guitars than you do. Yes. He has seen a lot more women naked than you ever will –